We are

The 40th

What we do:

Advance the mission of the Democratic Party locally, as guided by our membership.

Select three nominees to be considered for appointment by the county councils (San Juan, Skagit, and Whatcom) to fill any legislative vacancy.

Map of the 40th Legislative District

Washington has 49 Legislative Districts (LDs), each of which elects one State Senator and two State Representatives to serve on their behalf in the Washington State Legislature.

How we do it:


Registering people to vote or helping them update their voter registration.

Increasing voter turnout in our local, state, and federal elections.

Recruiting qualified candidates who are reflective of our local communities to run for local office.

Training potential candidates how to run for office and connecting them to other resources to learn more.

Vetting the qualifications and values of candidates on the ballot through our annual endorsement process.

Helping our endorsed campaigns win their elections by organizing our volunteers, providing financial contributions, and/or getting out the vote among our base in their election.

Policy & More

Providing opportunities to hear from and speak to your elected officials on the issues that matter to you.

Planning fun, informative, and engaging, events for members of our community to learn about current issues.

Advocating for the issues our membership has approved through passage of a resolution or inclusion in our platform.

Taking part in deciding the platform, policies, and all other activities of the Washington State Democrats.

Supporting other local community organizations, such as our local labor unions and other groups dedicated to increasing civic engagement.

Our State Legislators

Senator Liz Lovelett


Sen. Liz Lovelett was appointed to the Senate in 2019. As a fifth generation Anacortes resident, Liz is rooted and invested in the 40th District. She has served as a community leader, championing affordable housing, water management, school construction, oil train safety, and improving lives for people in her community. She has served Anacortes as a city council member, and regionally as a board member for several organizations.

Email: liz.lovelett@leg.wa.gov

Legislative Assistant: jordan.kronen@leg.wa.gov

Representative Debra Lekanoff

D-Samish Island

Representative Debra Lekanoff  is a proud mom who fights every day to ensure younger generations, including her daughter Emma, can continue to flourish. She is inclusive in her decision making process by listening to stakeholders, citizens and governmental bodies. Sworn in to the Washington State House of Representatives in January 2019, Representative Lekanoff is the only Native American woman to currently serve in the Legislature. 

Email: debra.lekanoff@leg.wa.gov

Legislative Assistant: Kaylee.Galloway@leg.wa.gov 

Representative Alex Ramel


Rep. Alex Ramel was called to public service to help address the climate and housing crises facing current and future generations. He has served as President of the Kulshan Community Land Trust which helps build and preserve affordable housing and he led development of the Community Energy Challenge which brings businesses, utilities, non-profits, and government together to help conserve energy, reduce costs, and create good paying jobs.

Email: alex.ramel@leg.wa.gov

Legislative Assistant: Amanda.Hubik@leg.wa.gov

Our Federal Congressperson

District Map