Endorsements (2021)

CONGRATULATIONS to our endorsed candidates this cycle (2021):

Click on the names of the candidates for more information about each of them & their contact information if you’d like to support them yourself!

NOTICE: Due to its limited time and capacity, for the 2021 campaign cycle, the Endorsement Committee will only be considering the endorsement of candidates for County Council, City Council & Mayor, and Port Commission. The consideration of endorsements for other positions may be approved by the membership during our endorsement meeting. More information on that process can be found in our Endorsement Policy below. If you would like to do this, we only ask that you let us know so that we can prepare any needed virtual ballots ahead of, rather than during, the meeting.

Endorsement Eligibility:

1. Candidates in a partisan race must declare as a Democrat or hold known affiliation with the Democratic Party and democratic ideals.

2. Non-judicial candidates who reside within the 40th District shall be members in good standing of the 40th LD Democrats at the time their endorsement is considered. (more information here)


How to Apply:

Campaigns must complete and submit their questionnaire by the posted deadline. Please send your filled questionnaire as a PDF labeled as “[Candidate’s Name] for [Position]” (example: John Doe for Mayor of Anacortes). If you have any questions, please email us at 40thdems@gmail.com.

Decisions on endorsements will be made at our annual endorsement meeting, where all candidates being considered for endorsement are welcome to speak to our membership for up to 2 minutes.

Deadline to submit questionnaire: June 1st, 11:59pm

Endorsement Meeting: June 13th, 2:00pm

Endorsement Questionnaire (Drive)

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Endorsement Questionnaire (PDF)

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Endorsement Policy (2021)

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Meeting Registration

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Meeting Agenda

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