Endorsements (2022)

On June 11, 2022, the 40th LD Democrats met online and endorsed the following candidates:

  • Debra Lekanoff – Washington Legislative District 40 State Representative Position 1
  • Alex Ramel – Washington Legislative District 40 State Representative Position 2
  • Rick Larsen and Jason Call – U.S. House of Representatives District 2 (dual endorsement)
  • Sandy Perkins – Skagit County Auditor
  • Jackie Brunson – Skagit County Treasurer
  • Jenifer Howson – Skagit County District Court Judge Position 3
  • Mary Yu – Washington State Supreme Court Justice Position 1


Endorsement Eligibility:

1. Candidates in a partisan race must declare as a Democrat or hold known affiliation with the Democratic Party and democratic ideals.

2. Non-judicial candidates who reside within the 40th District must be members in good standing of the 40th LD Democrats at the time their endorsement is considered.


How to Apply:

Campaigns must complete and submit their questionnaire by 5:00pm on the Thursday following the end of the filing period.  Questionnaires must be submitted as PDFs named as “[Candidate’s Name] for [Position]” (example: John Doe for Mayor of Anacortes). For questions, please email 40thdems@gmail.com.

Decisions on endorsements are made at our annual endorsement meeting, where all candidates being considered for endorsement are welcome to speak to our membership for up to 2 minutes.

Endorsement Questionnaire (PDF)

NOTE!  This is the endorsement questionnaire for 2022.

Endorsement Policy (PDF)

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Meeting Registration

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Meeting Agenda

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